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The best interface is no interface

The best interface is no interface

Automating the home - improving security, simplifying life, saving energy, providing peace of mind - shouldn't be about "controlling your home from your phone", it should be about making life easier.

So Viva get to know the family, and adapts automatically, letting the user put the phone down, while still getting all the benefits of a smart home.

Our history

Our history

Viva Labs was founded in 2012 by Henrik Holen and Kyrre Wathne with the aim of making smart home security a mass market product. By using artificial intelligence, Viva simplifies smart homes, making them valuable to users.

The company enables partners within the utility, telecommunications, and other industries to quickly launch cutting edge smart home products under their own brand, strengthening their existing product portfolio, driving revenue, and increasing customer loyality. The first Viva-based solution launched in Norway in November 2015 under the Vord brand.

Contact us today to see how we can help your company enter this exciting market.

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